Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That, baby, you’re the best
03.12.2014 в 03:28
Пишет Morganiana:

Kiss my pegs
Ночь открытий :alles:

Что я откопааал с «Mojo»...


(у меня одной проблема с pleer.com? Уже давно нихрена не могу загрузить на него ТТ)

"I’m gonna let you wear them. So long as you kiss mine."
"I promise, I won’t cause a fuss. If you just come over here, and kiss my pegs."
"Fuck off! Mickey—"
"Kiss my pegs!"
"Here we go…"
"Kiss my pegs!"
"Fuck off!"
"I know why you say all those things about me. It’s because you love me so much. Mickey says."
"Baby, leave him alone."
"It’s because you’re fighting with yourself. I know what I do to you, Skinny Luke. Now show me. Kiss my pegs."

From the matinee performance of Mojo on February 8th, 2014



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